Deutsche Telekom wanted to reach a younger audience across Europe, so we built The Lenz app to turn their iconic brand colour into a new media channel broadcasting exclusive content from the world’s biggest virtual band, to mobile users from Berlin to Warsaw.


The app used simple chroma-key technology to find magenta and replace it with Gorillaz images, exclusive video and song clips (even 3D puppetry) during the hype of their latest album, “Humanz”.


Launched with a full through the line campaign featuring the band themselves, The Lenz unleashed magenta everywhere across Europe this Summer and was a hit in Cannes bringing home 4 lions and a shortlist in the Titanium category.



Here's an online content series that reveals a surprisingly human side to Toyota's safety technology. In each episode, a personification of a safety feature sits beside the driver...they're there, but not there. When he faces an everyday safety hazard, they are ready to assist at moments notice.


The digital-first campaign launched across Toyota Europe’s social channels supported by digital display and VOD, before finding its way into cinema’s and onto TV in Norway, Italy and France and the UK.



Nobody expected Head & Shoulders to sponsor a fashion giant like Britain’s Next Top Model, but it was a fantastic opportunity for the brand to reach a younger, and more engaged audience in the UK.


This gave us a platform to explore ways to take the brand in new directions - leading to one of their longest running print campaigns in the UK.


We worked with top models to create an unapologetic campaign including a TV spot and supporting print and digital. The campaign initially reached over 9M fashionistas, experimenting with new hair styling and brighter aesthetic.


We launched it all with Vogue. A first for the brand which has helped redefine how they show hair.



Dexter is a textbook nerd, Sophie is a bombshell. When they meet on their blind date things are far from promising.


But their winning personalities, aided and abetted by the genius of the Toyota Touch Multimedia system, soon put things on a more positive footing. That said, there are still some bumpy moments and awkward looks along the way.


This light-hearted Toyota commercial was born from a digital-first brief, quickly being snapped up for TV by European markets, and receiving positive reviews from industry critics.



Direct Line take insurance seriously. They're a straight-talking, no-nonsense brand who provide hassle-free insurance. That's why they hired the world's greatest fixer to front their brand relaunch and solve the country's insurance problems.


In a new dynamic, integrated campaign, Harvey Keitel reprised his role of Winston Wolf from cult movie Pulp Fiction, arriving on the scene to fix all manner of insurance problems.

We put Mr Wolf onto the web, targeting key "how-to" search terms, serving a series of problem solving films fronted by Winston and his associate Billy. This was supported by a one-day takeover of Youtube, where Winston solved topical problems as the day rolled on.



80 Charlotte Street was the home of Saatchi & Saatchi from the early 1970’s, but like all good things, its rein had to come to an end one day.


That day came at the end of 2016, and we were tasked with sending the agency off with a bang.


Saatchi has been the proving ground for advertising’s elite since its early days (with some people still working there now!) so we created the School of Saatchi - photographing everyone in uniform and stitching them together into The Class of 80 Charlotte Street, and inviting alumni to add their portrait and story to the picture on a microsite.